April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Each day this month I’m going to share little snippets from my new book Life Amplified: Our Family Touched by Autism.
The following excerpt is from Chapter 1:

Sunday morning, June 27th, was Placement Day. We shared a quiet breakfast over coffee and cinnamon rolls, treasuring the moment. It felt strange. We were about to become parents and we were sitting in the dining room and not in a labor and delivery room. We knew our life would never be the same and yet we were very excited about the change that was just hours away. Aaron’s father made a surprise visit to our house that morning, having no idea what was going on. Thankfully all the bottles and supplies had been neatly put away in our kitchen cabinets so there was no evidence that someone new was arriving at our house later that day. He knew we were getting ready to adopt so the crib and the stroller were not a giveaway. The giveaway should have been that we were about to burst with nervous energy and joy. For him it was just a regular visit and he left having no idea that he was about to be called Grandpa. We left our house just after noon with the car seat and a cozy blanket placed in the back seat, not really knowing if we’d bring a baby back with us.


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